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Services for Customers from the EU

In the case of sales from Germany to companies within the EU that are subject to pay turnover tax, VAT will not apply in Germany. Indeed, there are many potential pitfalls and fiscal details that need to be considered in the case of intra-community sales. This means that many German companies are not prepared to sell without VAT within the EU or that they ask for a deposit (that would cover VAT) …

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… from the buyer, which will only be reimbursed once they are given proof that the item was duly exported.

We offer our net payment system to German traders and their nonGerman customers for all types of wares, in order to make the process safer for all involved. Your company pays us the net value and the seller receives the gross amount from us.

9xx automotive GmbH buys the goods from the seller at gross value from Berlin and the EU company pays us the net amount including our fees.

What are the advantages of using our service?

Our service allows you to buy from German companies that do not offer net payments over your VAT identification number. This means you will have access to a much wider range of offers for your purchases from Germany. Given that the 19% VAT does not need to be paid as a deposit, you will require considerably less liquidity. In order to meet the requirements for VAT-free purchases you will need to seek the advice of specialists in the field. We can offer this service.

Time and time again it has been proven that buyers from the EU have a considerable advantage in price negotiations if the goods are bought at gross value from the buyer, as this means less administrative burden and reduced risk of a tax repayment for the seller as well. This often means that you save money.

We also have online access to one of the leading German credit reference agencies and because of this, we can deliver timely information about credit history and relevant information about German business partners.

Our surcharge amounts to 2% of the net value purchase price or 650€ minimum per transaction.