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Services for Customers from Germany

9xx automotive GmbH provides the automotive trade with a net payment service. Should your EU and non EU customers wish to buy vehicles at net value, we can offer our service. We will buy the vehicle from you at domestic German gross value and then invoice the customer at net value. This will not only spare you the administrative burden, but also reduce the risk at future VAT audits.

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What are the advantages of using our service?

Through the use of our service, the purchase process will be a standard domestic transaction for you. The gross amount will be transferred to your bank account and the VAT will not be reclaimed from you. There will be no risk of a large tax repayment due to certificates of export not being approved at future VAT audits. You do not need to fill out any complicated forms or present the goods for inspection at customs.

In the case of customers from the European Union, you will not need to assess if the documents they
submitted meet the requirements of the German Inland Revenue or to “chase” the original entry certificates and approvals in the countries of destination.

You do not need to concern yourself with customs clearance and the export process in any way.
Your salespeople will be released from time-consuming administrative tasks, and will be able to divert their full attention to what they do best making sales!

Hint: Since 2009, companies must be registered with the ATLAS system in order to make VAT-free exports to non-EU countries such as Russia, Norway and Switzerland. By using our service, you, the seller will not need to concern yourself with meeting these conditions.

Our surcharge amounts to 2% of the net value purchase price or 650€ minimum per transaction.